Lightwell is a small game I wrote for the Microsoft Surface multitouch table computer. It can best be thought of as “pong meets rock band”, as several players sit around the edge of the table and each control a paddle that bounces back little blips to the center. Each player is in turn in charge of a single track of an underlying song, the music of which is related to the blips that are coming out at any given time. I used a few Psycliq songs, since I had all the source tracks to them and could split them up however I wanted. I also put together a track from Hunz, since he was awesome enough to put his tracks up online in a format I could use.

I’ve finally managed to get a few videos up on YouTube, and thought I’d post them here.


The Next Album

I’m always working on new musical ideas. I keep a recorder by the piano to try and capture the more interesting bits to be used at some point in the future. Many of these have turned out to be interesting little jazz bits that haven’t really had a home. It’s time that they found a home.

So far, I’ve put out two albums, The Mathemagician’s Riddle (a 5-song EP) and halt (a 10-song instrumental album). I am now working on a third album to collect some of these song ideas together, and I hope to have it ready later this summer. The album will be titled Results Not Typical. And I’ve even got the album art here for you:

This album is going to showcase the jazz, blues, and classical elements that are generally deep under most of my music. Even so, it will still have its fair share of synth programming that I can’t seem to get away from. I’ve got about 13 possible songs lined up for it, but who knows which ones will make it to the end collection.