Results Not Typical, Available Now!

The latest release from Psycliq, Results Not Typical is available NOW for download! And you can even stream it for free online right here.

Go ahead and listen to it. I’ll wait. Or just head to our music site for all your immediate downloading needs. You can pick up a version of it to call your own for as little as $5 today! Right now! Along with all other Psycliq projects.

For those of you in favor of physical platters, there will be an option to order discs from CD Baby in the very near future — most likely by the end of this week, I’d wager. And for those of you that prefer to shop through iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, or Napster, fret not: the album will be available in all those places and many others very soon. I’ll be posting some quick updates here as things come along on that front.

In the next few weeks here, I’ll be taking some time to highlight each of the songs on the album and let you know some of what went into their conception and production. But for the moment, relax and enjoy Results Not Typical. (And also tell your friends.)


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