We’re Not In The Amazon

Turns out that due to an oversight on my part and a bad policy on CDBaby’s distributors part, Results Not Typical will not be finding its way to Amazon.com’s stores in physical CD format. This is due to it being technically a CDR, which is apparently forbidden by CDBaby’s distributor. This surprises me, as Results was printed exactly the same way as both Mathemagician and Halt, and those went through the whole system without a hitch. People even bought them, from Amazon, had them shipped in the little Amazon box, and everything! And nothing fell over the whole time, if you’ll believe that.

This honestly makes me disappointed and sad, as I was hoping to make my music available to as wide an audience as possible. This is not to be, for the system has conspired against us.

Everything is and will remain available digitally for those of you who don’t care for owning a platter of plastic. For those of you that do want the pile of atoms, you can order the discs directly from CDBaby via the “Store” link at the top of our site here.


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