House of the Remixed Sun

First, a quick note: Have you downloaded the Telegraph EP yet? It’s a limited edition! Not many copies left and only a couple weeks to grab them!

After I basically finalized the the mix for “House of the Rising Sun” to a point I’m pretty happy with, I continued to poke at it a little bit more because I can’t leave well enough alone.

At first it started with me just cutting out some of the tracks and adding a few filters to other tracks to create a very sparse organ-driven version of the song. The regular mix is a kind of slow, loud shuffle with lots of layers happening to it, and I was looking to trim things down and open them up a lot. Of course this wasn’t good enough and I ended up routing the melody synthesizers through the organ sounds. Even so, it was nice and simple and a good exercise in remixing from existing track stems.

Then things got a little nutty. I pulled open the regular mix and swapped out the drums entirely for a much more driving march beat, something I’ve been calling a techno-stomp. I also mixed in most of the synth sounds throughout the song instead of fading them in and out. It completely changed the feel of the song, and so I swapped out the effects on the bass and guitars and a few of the other synths. I even added a flanger to the organ, just because. However, this wasn’t nearly cacophonous enough, so I added a secondary drum track, some synth bass, and some mellotron strings to fill things out.

My poor little computer was having trouble keeping up with the results, especially when I bounced out all the individual tracks, but I like how it sounds. I think it has on the order of 17 active tracks, most of theme stereo with plugins running on top. For reference, most Psycliq songs have about 5 or 6 stereo tracks, tops.

What started out as a little production exercise is going to turn into a digital single. Sometime in the next few weeks, you’ll be able to pick up “House of the Rising Sun” from all over the place with at least these three mixes, maybe more if I go even crazier.  And then it’s on to some new, original music!


2 thoughts on “House of the Remixed Sun”

  1. This has been my favorite song my entire life. I’ve even been trying to think of a tatto I could get that would signify it. Then I came across this version on reddit and you perverted it. It sounds like drunken aliens are trying to land their spaceships and all the beeps and boops are drowning out the man trying to sing in the background. If I have anything nice to say though, that guy does have a good voice.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, though I’m sorry it’s not quite your cup of tea. There are a million and one covers of this song out there, with The Animals having the most famous version by far, and I wanted to make something that was unique. I love mixing electronic and rock elements together, and with this track I tried to capture some of the classic rock feel of The Animals’s cover version while still injecting some synth elements into it.

      Have you tried the Organ Donor Mix or the Amped Up Blender Mix yet? Both of those cut out the main synthesizer and you might find them more to your tastes.

      And good luck with the tattoo!

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