Desert Bus

Every year for the past while, Penny Arcade has hosted a charity event called Child’s Play that gives presents to sick kids in hospitals all over the world. Being a big gamer myself, I’ve been a big supporter of this every year, trying to donate at least a couple games to the cause.

Some people do a bit more than donate a couple games though. For the past couple years, the crew of Loading Ready Run have done a marathon playing of the world’s worst video game, Desert Bus. The more people donate, the longer they have to play this horrible game. They televise it live on the web (webivise it?) so that you can partake in their torture.

I have decided that from now until the end of Desert Bus, all profits from sales at our Bandcamp music site will go straight to Desert Bus and Child’s Play. I’ve set it up so that you can donate more than the minimum price of each album, too, if you’d like. In addition, the top donor will get a copy of the ultra-rare, no-longer-available Telegraph EP. That is one sweet pig.

Go out to music.psycliq.com, get some music, and help out sick children today.


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