Results Not Typical, Available Now!

The latest release from Psycliq, Results Not Typical is available NOW for download! And you can even stream it for free online right here.

Go ahead and listen to it. I’ll wait. Or just head to our music site for all your immediate downloading needs. You can pick up a version of it to call your own for as little as $5 today! Right now! Along with all other Psycliq projects.

For those of you in favor of physical platters, there will be an option to order discs from CD Baby in the very near future — most likely by the end of this week, I’d wager. And for those of you that prefer to shop through iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, or Napster, fret not: the album will be available in all those places and many others very soon. I’ll be posting some quick updates here as things come along on that front.

In the next few weeks here, I’ll be taking some time to highlight each of the songs on the album and let you know some of what went into their conception and production. But for the moment, relax and enjoy Results Not Typical. (And also tell your friends.)


The Whole Package

Take a look at what I got in the mail today:

The covers from CD Poster Shop came out fantastic. The quality on these is seriously impressive to me. I don’t think I’ll ever do them by hand again, even if it means I’ll probably end up with a file full of leftover cover cards here.

With the covers finally here, the packaged discs have been assembled and are off to the store. Once I get word that they’re in stock, this project will be fully released! People who have pre-ordered the album will be finding it in their mailboxes in the next couple days, assuming that I have the right addresses for them. The music should make it out into the likes of iTunes and Amazon shortly thereafter.


The book of Faces

Psycliq on Facebook

I went and created a page on Facebook for the band. It was free, and it lets a few people follow the updates on this site through Facebook update streams if they like. Right now, it’s just started and has only 13 fans (or likers? or whatever they’re called now). This means we’re still ineligible for a decent-looking URL, which would be a handy thing. I like URLs. But even more importantly, your friends will get to see that you “like” Psycliq, and then maybe they’ll check it out and “like” Psycliq, too.

So if you haven’t already, and you’re on Facebook, go ahead and join. And then tell your friends! And tell them to tell your friends. It’ll be like a great pyramid scheme, except nobody loses their retirement account. Especially me, because this music stuff is kindof an expensive habit. But that’s OK, since at the end of the day, I mostly hope that people listen to my music and enjoy it.

I promise the next post will be about music or something not related to promotion. Have I mentioned I’m bad at this? Because I kinda am.


Hello, the Internet

Welcome to all of you wandering over from a Facebook ad! It’s something I’m trying out, since I am very bad at self-promotion. But since you’re here, check out the music players of both Psycliq albums over on the side column there. You can buy each album as a direct download from the Download link underneath the player, or you can also get them on iTunes and Amazon. Most of all, though, welcome and enjoy the music!


Four songs?

Today, while dusting off things for my monthly off-drive backups (kids, it’s always important to keep things on more than one disk!), I went through a few different directories in my ProTools hierarchy and figured out that I have four songs all but finished for Results. These are four piano-based pieces, some with some programmed drums and one with a whole pile of synths on top. That still leaves a lot of dangling bits for an album that is mostly made of dangling bits, but in light of recent craziness I was a little surprised to find myself fairly happy with the state of so many songs already. Once I can get my studio put back together more properly, I can start tracking on some of the more guitar-heavy ones. Also once my neighbors decide to stop riding their Harleys at all hours. Don’t they know that v-twin bleeds into the recording? Though I can think of one track where that might actually help. Hm!

In other news, I think I have made a technological leap and managed to connect this wordpress account to my personal twitter account. OAuth is such a wonderful thing. But, then again, I am a nerd.

Update: in future, I will preview the twitter message this thing spits out. That must have been very confusing to most people.


On Production

Work on the new album continues, but at a much slower pace than anticipated. Lots of travel lately for the day job has kept me away from home and therefore studio, and a string of minor family illnesses has made working on any kind of project difficult. Kids are such adorable little disease vectors, aren’t they? Add to this a long-needed computer rebuild that required re-installing and re-activating all of my music production software, and the odds are really stacked against me.

But even with such impediments, I have managed to poke at a few songs in the last month or so. I at least know where most of the ones I’d like to see on this album are going to go, and just need to find the time to take them where they need to be. The good part about being a self-produced independent musician is that you can take your time and don’t have to run by someone else’s clock. The bad part is that there’s nobody telling you that you really ought to be working on that music thing now.

Maybe if you ask really nicely, I’ll tell you some track titles…



Lightwell is a small game I wrote for the Microsoft Surface multitouch table computer. It can best be thought of as “pong meets rock band”, as several players sit around the edge of the table and each control a paddle that bounces back little blips to the center. Each player is in turn in charge of a single track of an underlying song, the music of which is related to the blips that are coming out at any given time. I used a few Psycliq songs, since I had all the source tracks to them and could split them up however I wanted. I also put together a track from Hunz, since he was awesome enough to put his tracks up online in a format I could use.

I’ve finally managed to get a few videos up on YouTube, and thought I’d post them here.


The Next Album

I’m always working on new musical ideas. I keep a recorder by the piano to try and capture the more interesting bits to be used at some point in the future. Many of these have turned out to be interesting little jazz bits that haven’t really had a home. It’s time that they found a home.

So far, I’ve put out two albums, The Mathemagician’s Riddle (a 5-song EP) and halt (a 10-song instrumental album). I am now working on a third album to collect some of these song ideas together, and I hope to have it ready later this summer. The album will be titled Results Not Typical. And I’ve even got the album art here for you:

This album is going to showcase the jazz, blues, and classical elements that are generally deep under most of my music. Even so, it will still have its fair share of synth programming that I can’t seem to get away from. I’ve got about 13 possible songs lined up for it, but who knows which ones will make it to the end collection.