One Armed Remix

In keeping with the “always expanding” corporate statement of Mergers & Acquisitions, Inc., I’ve put up a new track online, entitled One Armed Remix:

A very simple mashup between Project 86’s “One Armed Man (Play On)” and Plumb’s “Concrete”, this song is nonetheless fun and shows Project in a very, very different environment. I actually put this together way back in 2002 and just ran across it on my harddrive, but I figured it’d be a great addition to Mergers. The track also loops very nicely. Perhaps someday I’ll go back and do a more proper smash-together of this, now that I have better tools and a ton more experience with an audio editor than I did back then.

As always, downloads of this track and the whole Mergers & Acquisitions, Inc. album are completely free!

In other news, I’ll get back to finishing up track notes soon enough here.